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Helping ambitious, career-driven, family-oriented female leaders to build burnout-proof lives.


Imagine If...

You could wake up everyday with natural and abundant energy, despite the high demands of your career and family.

You knew how to put solid systems in place to protect your time & energy, minus the guilt.

Your own mindset blocks were gone so you could create a new career/family experience that was in full alignment with the kind of life you REALLY want to live.

You felt empowered to advocate for yourself AND knew how to communicate it without caving or coming off as a “bitch.”

You were part of a community of epically strong women who provide compassionate support and accountability for one another.

What if I told you that you’re only one degree away from creating the changes you need to make to be able to have the optimized life that is yours for the taking?



My clients are career-ambitious, family-oriented female leaders who find themselves feeling trapped and/or resentful of the lives/careers they've built because they have no time, no energy and see no end in sight.

They usually feel guilty and ashamed to admit this, so they suck it up and soldier on but all the while this shit-storm of internal and external stress is a ticking time bomb. (Trust me, I know!)


Many of my clients have found me via a desperate google search at 3am when they've hit the wall.  So let’s get this important belief straight right from the get-go:



Even if you think you’re in that place, this is my zone of genius: I will help you build your ladder up and out of there and create your bridge to what you want instead (Ok, I know I used double metaphors, but you get it, right??)

Can you relate?

(You’ve come to the right place.)


I work with dynamic, action-oriented, results-driven female executives & leaders who have been so epic at tending to their careers that they now find themselves at a crossroads looking toward the 2nd half of life and realizing they have sacrificed themselves to the point of utter depletion and their health, mindset & joy have taken a big hit. They no longer love their career (which may be spilling into their home life) and they have been denying themselves for so long that it’s hard to see possibilities for anything different. 


If you’ve explored my website this far, that probably means you’re awakening to what your inner wisdom and your body has been telling you. You want to get right and whole again. Or at the very least, you are starting to search and to ask for help so you can discover what your very first best step should be.

Hi! I’m Laura DuBois, National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach, Master Transformational Life Coach, and Faculty Instructor for an accredited coaching certification program.

I’m on a mission to disrupt the patterns and societal conditioning of ‘going along to get along’ that so many of us bought into. It pains me to see so many amazing women who are going through the motions with career and family, faking it to make it -  but dying inside. I will coach you to a place where guilt-free self-care and self-advocacy is NORMAL, not selfish.  If you're a career-ambitious, family-oriented, female leader, I’m here to support you as you build, strengthen and sustain your best health, energy and direction so that you will be able to epically thrive in life and career.

Get Started for free HERE with Laura’s Double Your Energy guide!

What Clients Say

I found Laura when I was struggling with burnout/trying to balance my family with work and knew my current situation was no longer serving me. I knew I needed a change, and I had an idea of what I wanted, but would never have taken the steps to change if it weren’t for Laura. She never pushed me to a decision one way or another, but instead guided me to see how life could be better if I pursued the thing that was calling me. I am so grateful to have found her. And I do believe my family is grateful as well!


- Megan, PT & now a Health/Wellness coach, Mom of 2

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