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Unleash Your True Potential and Ignite Your Passionate Life and Career Journey in as little as 6 months!

From Stuck to Supercharged

Join the Health, Energy & Direction Revolution

Work with Laura DuBois, your ultimate transformational coach on a mission to empower go-getters like you to break free from life and career ruts and embrace your world filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment.


Tired of feeling stuck, unfulfilled, and disconnected from your life and career dreams?


I’ll tell you what -  it's time to shake things up! At H.E.A.D. Coach Services, after years of working with people just like you, I've created a life-changing coaching framework that's all about unlocking your true potential and reigniting your passion for life and work.


Our mantra is Mind Your HEALTH, Foster Your ENERGY, and Create Your DIRECTION


So how exactly do we do that, you ask? 

In my 6 month coaching program, with highly personalized coaching that is guided by my proprietary, 5-Pillar system, of course!

5-Pillar System



Energize: Get ready to supercharge your body, mind, and spirit! We'll kick off by ensuring you're nourishing yourself like the superstar you are. Because let's face it, you can't conquer the world on an empty tank!

Motivate: Say goodbye to the days of feeling uninspired and lost in the crowd. We'll dive deep into your passions, dreams, and the fire that fuels your soul. Prepare to ignite your inner motivation like never before!




Activate: It's time to put your dreams into action! Together, we'll break down those barriers and unleash your assertive, boundary-setting badass self. You're about to take bold steps toward your aspirations – watch out, world!

Fortify: We're building an indestructible fortress of resilience and self-trust, ready to withstand any curveballs life throws your way. You'll emerge stronger, bolder, and equipped to conquer even the wildest of challenges.

Empower: It's your time to shine! Empowerment is your new middle name. We're talking about you owning your whole life, taking charge of your career, and living in a way that's true to your values and passions.

Your Life and Career Reset Awaits

So if you have a fierce drive to achieve more, if you're craving a career that aligns with your soul, if you’re ready to design your life that's brimming with the time freedom to cherish your loved ones while also taking the best care of YOU – then you're in the right place.

My 6-month signature transformational program is designed for real-life change. We'll dive deep into your desires, tackle those pesky obstacles, and you’ll emerge on the other side as a truly transformed individual.

Sunset and Palm Trees

Let's Design Your Future

The time is NOW to blaze to your full potential and create a life that has you shining from the inside out.. You DO NOT have to settle for "okay" when you can have “phenomenal!” Let's connect and do this thing - TOGETHER.

Because when you're armed with Health, Energy, and Direction, nothing can hold you back!

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