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Transformational Coaching

Set Your Energy, Motivation & Momentum On Fire

90-day program

The Set Your Energy, Motivation & Momentum On Fire program will show you exactly what it takes to banish the bummer, including:

  • With a coach by your side, you will be guided through a proven process that is guaranteed to help you reclaim your energy and know exactly how to protect it for what really matters

  • Learn the 3 most powerful drivers of what motivates you, and how to connect that to your big audacious vision of what is possible for you

  • Create powerful momentum to propel you forward to the lifestyle and career that fuels you

This highly supportive coaching package gives you:

  • Four 45-min Energy, Motivation & Momentum sessions per month for 3 months OR two 45-min Energy, Motivation & Momentum sessions per month for 6 months

  • Two 15-min ‘emergency’ coaching sessions to give you extra support when you feel stuck between sessions

  • An initial 75-min “Empowered Well Being” kick-off session, where you will be supported in creating your Wellness Vision, which will become your customized roadmap for your work in this program​

  • Membership to Laura's Coach/Client online accountability portal, to assist you in tracking toward your goals. Includes session summaries, actions, worksheets, email support, metric graphics for your 'big picture', and any curated media that may be supportive in your journey


Book your initial 60 minute consultation 

Create the BREAKTHROUGH you truly want

The experience with Laura was wonderful. I really enjoyed working with her. She is highly skilled at listening, and asking thought-provoking questions during each session. Lots of aha moments for me! Such a positive experience.  


– Katey

Laura is fantastic and reassuring. Her insight into where I am at and where I am heading is perfect for me. She knows the exact questions to ask to bring out the answers within myself that I need to acknowledge so I can move forward.    


- Angela

"I still reflect on our sessions and continue to use and practice the tools you empowered me with.  Thank you!!  At the time, I was assuming our sessions were for my life that I was living at that moment, but I have come to realize, you/we were preparing me for the future."


- Laurie 

2 years after working with Laura

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