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Career Change: Where Do I Start?

Updated: Feb 16

For people itching to shift their career, one of the most frequent questions I’m asked is, “How do I figure out what’s next? Where do I even start?” If this is you I completely appreciate the angst and the urgency that lies beneath this question!

person standing on a road with 5 diverging paths
Career confusion

Most of the people who come to me are in some stage of burnout or boredom. And of course they want answers and solutions… like, yesterday. Because they have long since recognized that the outcome they get from their exploration will largely determine their satisfaction in career, and by extension, the rest of the areas in their life.

I sooooooo want to answer you! I really do! AND… I’m not here to sugar-coat anything. I tell it like it is. So here goes.

Since when was a question about something as important as life & career satisfaction able to be answered in one bite? If you’re expecting an instant answer, or instant results, you’re doing yourself a massive disservice. Figuring out what you want takes some deep self-discovery, and a willingness to explore methods that you may not have used before, such as personality & values assessments, career coaching, and/or life coaching. And these things take time. It's worth the time, because one of the worst mistakes is to make an uninformed or quick decision - which is so tempting when you just want OUT of where you are - because that type of reaction rarely leads you in the direction of where you would truly thrive.

Some of the online ‘free’ assessments can be a good start. (But the answer to which one is right for you can be confusing, so how do you know which one is the best?) Still, an online independent assessment alone can’t compare to a real-time conversation with a Coach who is trained to ask you the right types of questions to help you connect the dots, and bring you to your personalized, authentic, values-based answer. What’s more, a Coach will be able to help you discern the best next steps to take action on getting what you crave, and support you along the way so that you reach your big, audacious goals.

Here’s some truth you need to hear. The career you were trained and educated for does NOT always stay lined up with what your natural gifts or values may be (if it ever did.) We grow, we evolve, and we change. Yet there’s this fear (that’s keeping you stuck!) that if you veer outside of the lines you drew, you’ll derail. This is 100% fallacy. I know this, from my own personal transition experience, as well as from the over 2000k coaching sessions I’ve led. You can discover what your next act is and make it happen - and it's quicker with a Coach than on your own (although DIY may fool you at first).

So, to help you answer the question, ‘How do I figure out what’s next? Where do I even start?’ the logical next step is to book a 15 minute consult with a Coach... namely, ME! :)

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