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Breast Cancer Recovery

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I’m here to hold space for those who wish to break out of being a label. You are NOT your cancer. You reject the sick role and are not in any way, shape or form a victim.  Here’s what you really are:  an amazing human being who has been a bit derailed by an experience that you’d never ever choose to have.  And here you are now, finished with treatment, feeling like you’re a bird that was flying along just fine – until you smacked into an invisible window that knocked you flat and left you sprawled out on the ground, stuck and stunned.


It’s time to GET UP.  And I’m going to help you do it!


I know all about that life. I’ve been there. It sucks.




You CAN and WILL feel better again!  Please hear me when I tell you that you are not just a Survivor.


YOU ARE A THRIVER. Just like me.

You CAN and WILL feel better again!  Please hear me when I tell you that you are not just a Survivor.


As a Certified Health & Life Coach, with a Master Certification in Transformational Coaching Method, I guide, lead and empower you to make positive shifts in your Health, Energy, and Direction. And not just for a quick fix, no no, this is A WAY OF LIFE. And once you understand what your stuck points are and how to move through and past them, this optimized way of living becomes second nature – you don’t even need to think about it, it’s just what you do.  As a result of the Coaching that I provide, clients experience massive expansion and breakthrough that allows them to fully show up in their lives, WINNING.


Coming back from cancer treatment is HARD. And it can feel overwhelming when you begin to emerge from that state of the “flat bird.”  How do you figure out where to even start? Let me help you blow past all that overwhelm and get to the good stuff with a step by step plan that we will customize based on your unique needs and goals.  SO YOU CAN GET UP AND FLY!

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Coming back from cancer treatment is HARD. 

I will help you


And I’m talking about the whole enchilada here: body, mind and spirit. They are all inter-related.


It may have been a physical illness that got you here, but one very important thing I’ve learned over many years in health care, and then personally with my own situation: You can’t move forward with "life stuff" if your health is suffering, and you can’t sustain a healthy lifestyle if your life is upside down. 


Work with me – we’ll get it all upside RIGHT again!


Work with me-

We'll get it all upside RIGHT again!

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